On May 15th, International MPS Day, our network will launch the second annual Chase the Signscampaign, along with each country or regionsrespective MPS day campaigns and activities. The Chase the Signscampaign is an industry-sponsored campaign in partnership with the IMPSN, and that aims to project the following message:


¨As a collective of MPS pharmaceutical industry partners, we recognize the often long and difficult journey from the onset of symptoms, to diagnosis, and to treatment. Our patients have complex stories but are all heroes that navigate the maze to reach a proper diagnosis. These stories demonstrate that each of us has a unique role to play, and it is only together that we will make a difference in rare diseases especially MPS.


As we approach another MPS Day, we have the opportunity to band together to create awareness as an International Network. For this to be possible we are asking for all network members to share photos, videos, stories and/or artwork of your organization, families, caregivers, physicians and community tagging the IMPSN social media and the hashtag #MPSDAY so we can see and share it!


Lets work together to make the “Chase the Signs” campaign global and inclusive on International MPS Awareness Day.


You can access the assets at this link:


Please note that some of the files are editable and can be translated into your own language. If you require assistance with the translation, please contact  Once the asset or assets are translated, please be sure to share the final version with the IMPSN so we can save it in our drive as well. 


If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in the following emails:



Amira Awada –


Kim Angel –


The IMPSN Board.

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