UK Covid Update

Like many other areas of the world the UK is experience a second wave of Covid 19. There are different approaches to managing the infection rate of the virus including local and regional lockdowns, reduction of social contacts to no more than six and restricted operating hours within the hospitality sector.

Despite these efforts the virus is once again spreading with increasing speed and transition back in to the over 60s is now once again occurring. The healthcare systems are coping but this is getting increasingly difficult and it may not be long before no Covid procedures are once again impacted.

However according to scientists there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are many vaccines in development and improved treatment options. The Uk is at the forefront of many of the developments including discovering the first effective treatment options and a lead vaccine candidate.

Infection rates thankfully have been rare in our MPS community and we hope this trend continues and the MPS Society is working hard to support all of our patient community during these most challenging times.

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